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Mart Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

Sikes Floor Plan for:

  • Silent Auctions
  • Presentations
  • Exhibit

Presentations & Special Exhibit Outline

Parking + RP Center Inside Overview

  1. We have a free dedicated parking area as shown on the map.
  2. The Overview shows where the entrances to the Center are, the Pre-Registration badges pickup areas for Thursday and Friday, the entrances to: the Silent Auction Hall, the Exhibit & Presentations Hall.

Mart in Exhibit Hall

2019-NWACC - Exhibit Layout (pdf)


Sikes Hall Floor Plan

2019-SIKES HALL- (pdf)


Presentations & Exhibit

Click to find out about our Presentations & French Clocks Exhibit

Parking + Unloading

Look for the NAWCC dedicated entrance on Lime Street for free parking and on West Lemon Street for Exhibit Hall dock unloading

RP Center Inside Overview

RP Indoor view (pdf)